The Importance of Sketching in Logo Design

A man without smile should not open shop! That’s a chinese proverb.

Here’s something that’s going to shake things up: A man without a face should not open shop!
Businesses should write it down and stick to it!

Good Logo Design can either bless or doom your business forever.
With all that technology surrounding us, we forget the efficiency of paper and pencil combination.
After the client brief, we often see designers rushing through Illustrator (or any design software), with just no clue of what they’ll probably do. They’ll just play around with buttons and they’ll manage to come up with something called “disaster”.

Trust me, I’m baffled, asking myself the question: why it has to be like this?

Graphic Designers: The first thing I’d recommend doing is to go to your favorite paper shop, buy a sketchbook, good pencils and an eraser.
Most importantly: get some fresh air, sketch and jot down anything that cross your mind. Let me spell this out: E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G !
Of course, it should be based on the mind mapping you already have made after getting your client brief. Is it a logo based on letters? Or maybe just one letter? Are there curves? Colors? So many questions.

Why going out? Because, you’ll “see” things differently. Sometimes, you need to think about something else. Sometimes, you just need to back off, go watch a movie or to the gym, anything that disconnect you.
You might even just need to sleep on your ideas (and sketchbook) and who knows, miracles will happen the day after.

Relaxation in a creative process is very important, it’s a necessity.

Here’s the example of “Lifestyle”. They offer services and counsels in cosmetics field. More than a logo they wanted a dynamic, classy design, more similar to a clothing brand or luxury.

After many sketches, we found this and we liked it, handwritten script gives authenticity, flow, attraction:

25-09-2013 20-44-49

We scanned it and let the computer comes in. Remember? The technology is the icing on the cake.


Exploring further more:


Interesting isn’t it? The one at the bottom might rock.

Clients: We always gives three choices to clients. It’s a magic number and they can choose more quickly. If you are seeking for a professional, it’s because you whispering shards of ideas, words, in no particular order. You have a feeling of what you want and what you don’t. A logo designer provides a visual solution to all your sleepless nights. You’ll feel that, at the end of the day, a logo is just more than just a logo. A priceless experience.

Oh, I forgot…

We all have heroes, I want to dedicate this article to : Paul Rand, Milton GlaserDavid Airey, Graham Smith, and so many others who push the logo design envelope pretty nicely.

Now you can royally close your computer, and go to your sketchbook 😉 But before that, tell us: Do you give any attention to the sketch process? Do you think it adds up something to the whole design?


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