Color Marketing: Why is Facebook blue ?

The marketing research firm Kissmetrics has designed this infographic to show how colors affect our purchasing decisions.


Upsize the picture

Yellow is optimistic, young and bright: it attracts window shoppers. Red is energetic and exciting: very good for discounts. Blue inspires strength, trust and security: banks and tech companies love it. Green is peaceful, healthy and relaxing especially when it’s about NGOs, drugs, cosmetics and organic products. Orange is creative and dynamic: move, think, buy, sell. Pink is romantic and feminine : no comment. Black is powerful and elegant: luxury goods, top-segment cars and coffee brands are into it. Purple is serene, wise and almost magical, as anti-aging products can be.


Upsize the picture

Why is Facebook blue? According to The New Yorker, the reason is simple : “Zuck” is red-green color blind, blue is the color he can see the best.

More :

  1. Fastcompany : Why is Facebook blue? The science behind colors in marketing

  2. Seonity : Choisir les couleurs selon l’activité du site


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