The 7 benefits of great logo design for your business

There’s a syndrome going around, it’s called “freemium”. People love it.

Squarespace caught that vibe so well and they released their “freemium” logo design service for the occasion.
Needless to say, the design community went ballistic on social media and everywhere. I go ballistic today!

This is a type of logo you can craft with it (in the center) and I’ve put two official brands next to it.


Have you noticed any differences?
Here are, in my opinion, 6… no 7 reasons you HAVE TO hire a designer for your identity project:

1. People crave for originality
You don’t want to look alike, you have your own style, your own taste and personality. This is why you get along with brands
which share the same characteristics you have. You buy their products/services and your loyalty is unshakeable.
Free logo don’t set you apart from your competition, it doesn’t define you, makes you become a commodity instead.

2. People value pricey things
Oh yes, we do! If Elise says that this shirt worth 200$ the impact on Marie’s mind will not be the same as a 10$ shirt.
Price creates challenge and goals. That’s what mankind is made of. A desire to  be part of an experience so unique that you are ready to spend your cash for it. It makes all sense.

3. Don’t get your business involved in trademark issues
We live in a connected world. Your audience chat at the speed of Whatsapp or Facebook, what makes you think that they’ll not see your logo elsewhere? Worst case scenario: in the same exhibition event. Same shape, but different colors. How they’ll feel like? What makes you think that someone hasn’t trademarked that logo already and, by the way,  has the power to shut all your business down in the name of intellectual property infringement?

4. Design is a craft
You don’t come out with a brilliant design idea in 5 minutes…your croissant didn’t take 5 minutes to be made, neither your watch, neither your car. If they did, you wouldn’t like/wear/drive them so proudly. I repeat myself: logo design is a craft.

5. Design is vision
This is the most important thing: when you start a business you have dreams. You dream big, your story is unique and your future employees will stick to it. It’s an endless source of energy and your lighthouse when the times get rough. Your brand embodies all that spirit.

6. Design trigger good questions
What’s beyond a logo design? What does it mean? What inspired you? What’s your story? Why this color? Why this shape? What’s the symbol behind it? If no questions are asked, your business is in trouble. If you can’t answer them… you are in trouble.

7. We all die
One sad reality: your logo will survive you. It will survive your employees, your children and grandchildren. Memorable brands know very well how to resist the test of time. And they sell you on daily bases. So why you are not doing the same?

Your turn! I’m curious, tell me why you would invest in a logo design and why you wouldn’t ?


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