5 Reasons (NOT) To Buy An Iphone 6 Even Plus

For 50 dollars or less, Africans with average income can buy an Android smartphone. According to a recent study by the British data analysis and telecom agency INFORMA , figures show that 334 million Africans will own a smartphone by 2017, it’s about 30 % of the continent’s population; statistics that make you lose your mind. Let’s compare the iPhone 6 to a real contender the LG G3.

The battery
Autonomy was the major weakness of the iPhone. Battery problems were so frequent that Samsung made fun of iPhone owners, seeing them as “wall huggers”. This issue has been resolved, the talk time is about 14 hours; you can get up to 19 hours with the LG G3.

The Storage
The iPhone 6 comes in 3 different versions: 32, 64 and 128 GB; meanwhile one can expand the LG3’s capacity up to 128 GB with a microSD card, in addition to the 16 or 32 GB already available in the device.

The screen
iPhone 6’s resolution is 1,920 x 1,080, you will have a density of 401 ppi. However, no screen sapphire made yet (one of the strongest materials in the world), which can truly avoid breakage due to falls; the aluminum design is not helping things and making the device very slippery. A protective case is definitely required. The LG G3 has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels with a density of 538 ppi, one of the best screens you’ve ever seen. The “Gorilla Glass” makes it a little tougher. The screen size (5.5 inches) is the same on both.

The camera
With 8 mega pixels rear camera and 1.2 megapixel on the front, the iPhone pales compared to the LG’s 13 -megapixel and 1.2 megapixel which can shoot 4k videos. Yes, the iPhone has the image stabilization technology embedded which is also a plus.

The price
The iPhone 6 ‘plus’ without contract is expensive … very expensive: the 16GB version costs 520,000 XAF ($1005), 587,000 XAF ($1134) for 64GB, 663,000 XAF ($1281) for 128GB. As for the LG G3, you’ll invest 335,000 XAF ($647) for 16GB version, and 369,000 XAF ($713) for 32GB.

Why Android’s presence is so strong in Africa: it’s simple. no need for iTunes to transfer data and photos, it’s working like a PC. The number of free apps on Android is huge, and its smartphones are cheaper than iPhones. The LG G3 is undoubtedly the best smartphone of the moment. The banging for the buck it gives is amazing compared to the iPhone 6 which is a closed gadget (you can use imazing to take this pain away). The iPhone screen resolution is good, but the LG G3’s will leave you speechless. I’m an artist, I depend on my iPhone because the best drawing, design, and music producing apps are on iOS. Wait a minute…I rely on the apps existing on a certain OS, NOT a smartphone right? How many people use their smartphone to get the job done anyway? So I can ditch my iPhone -with its lame battery- and choose an iPad instead, which is exactly what I’ll do. In my opinion, Apple’s biggest asset is its app quality and exclusiveness. The question is: “For how long?”


The Importance Of Planning

I’m not an architect, but I can draw. They say architects are not artists, but of all the architects I talked to, there’s not a single one who does not love photography. All great architectural books are full of amazing pictures. There are also topics about planning, sketches, and illustration in architecture. Because your love of photography, drawing or music, doesn’t make you an artist, it helps you build your own taste and vision. Most importantly you’ll get curious enough to quickly learn the process of creation -through YouTube videos for example-.

With all these sources of inspiration, why we always fall into the trap of not planning well our projects?

Case study: I designed this plan in Revit Architecture for a client’s construction project. (It’s actually the 1st floor.)

Months later, the client has changed all the design and feel I wanted to convey. Rooms have been reduced and he built other walls. Once the building was finished, another changes were made: destroying walls, extending some rooms, taking windows down…All these came at a huge cost! I felt sorry for him and for me, because it was my responsibility -and the architect in charge- to make this project successful. Wait…there was actually no architect in charge! The client did it all by himself.

I learned the importance of planning,  carefully follow up a project, and surround myself with professionals. It’s not okay to leave a client battling with his own choices, you need to be there after giving the project’s blueprint to him; explain why did you take some directions instead of others? Why you think they are the best solutions? Work them out with your team.  This is what I do in my other domain fields. You are the expert. Persuade your client that he’ll be better off after having listened to your advice.

Hence the most important question: “How do you persuade a know-it-all client?”

Artists Why Are You So Expensive?

“You are too expensive! I can’t afford your services! If I advertise your business will I get a discount?” All around the World, same song; same old objections we –artists- are getting every day.

My answer: “How are you going to advertise an advertiser? It is part of our daily job to prospect, sell, promote ourselves and your business. Why would we need you, dear client, to do so?”

I’m baffled. Clients are calling you because they need your expertise. When a meeting is set up and you go to their place of business, I have one advice to give to you: keep your eyes and your ears open.
What type of cars do you see in the parking lot? How many employees in the office? How many computers, the furniture?

Did you came all this way -to nice venues- to sell yourself short? You have bills to pay, a family, your computer is getting old, you need a car, your Adobe subscription is running and you are daydreaming on the latest Wacom Cintiq 24HD. Yes, you have also needs. Remember, you are THE expert, and they need you to solve their problems.

If you are intimidated by these objections, your clients will see that, and exploit your weakness. Sad to also bring the bad news to you: you will never succeed in your industry.

The client’s job is to buy quality at cheap prices. Your job is to provide quality at right –and exponential- prices.
If they say you are too expensive, why feeling guilty? It’s a good sign! You should start worrying if a client sign your check right away without objecting, then you know you’ve failed!

I’d like to recommend a great read to you The Little Red Book Of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer, one of my heroes, it helps me gaining confidence and persuasion in front of nightmarish clients.

Image credits: weon

The Best Gear You Can Have Is…

Your wishlist has grown bigger and you have even found in it items from last year that you’ve never purchased. Now you find yourself wandering through websites like B&Hphotovideo.com , DpReview.com, or any online photography store ,wondering: “what’s the best gear I can get ?”.

It happened to me more than once, artists are always looking for perfection; they also think that the best tools will inevitably make their photos / films / music better.
Filmmakers amaze me, they are running through stunts and explosions with huge cameras on their shoulders. Yet, when you strip their cameras down to the minimum you are left with a tiny body. I have a Canon Rebel Xsi with 3 lenses and a Canon Powershot S95. These models are old, I got mine in 2011, now my mind is yelling at me every time I touch it: “It’s old! Can’t you see that it’s old?!”

Something amazing happened, as I scrolled through my image database, I fell in love again with my “old” cameras.

Canon Rebel Xsi
Canon PowershotS95

Iphone 4S


With the new bestsellers-mirorless-4K cameras out there, I’m also tempted to jump Canon’s ship and go to Sony or Panasonic, but would it be wise? I feel that if I have all the best gear at once:

  • I’ll get lazy
  • I will not know how to take the best of it
  • It will get dusty on my shelf or in a box somewhere
  • I’ll lose track of my progress
  • Why did I buy Canon lenses to go to Sony few years later?

The best answer to “What’s the best gear?”: limitation, your eyes and emotions. When you are limited you make mistakes and learn slowly; you also start being incredibly creative.

After all, did Ansel Adams need a mirrorless 4K camera to make you lose your mind? Think about it.

Become A Software Developer Without A Degree, A Second Chance.

One month. Just enough time for you, if you are 18 to 28 years old, to learn the basics of programming  languages like C#, C++, Java, Cocoa on shiny new iMacs, and enroll on a 3 years long hardcore computing program. No degree required, just a fierce willingness to learn and  be a part of this “renaissance” movement which is happening in France right now.

Welcome to the new amusement park of the French entrepreneur Xavier Niel. A building that incorporate a dark cubic form in which these young people will lay on the floor,hang their clothes up the banisters, crash in front of their computers after midnight.  This is project 42 , and it’s a premiere in France a country  where the unemployment rate is a staggering  10,3%.


For years, only rich parents were allowed to send their kids to renowned high schools, which pumped  self important new graduates into companies asking for more competitiveness, ROIs and quick results.  African or foreign parents put way more money out of their pockets, without seeing their younglings for years. Ask to any graduates why they would not take less salaries –it’d make sense in an unstable economy- they’d yell at you “Do you know how much these studies cost me?! No way!! Out of question!” – Wrong.

This is how the French education system failed, by letting those who had big dreams but no money, no education and complicated backgrounds down –immigration’s children–. Failure is a necessary part of success, tell me about it! But what to do in a country which always have blamed failure?  Basically the government policy answer is “We know you’ll  fail but don’t  worry you’ll be on comfortable welfare, we’ll take care of you” – Wrong again.

My parents’ choices has always prevailed. After graduating from high school, I went to France and studied Pharmacy, because my dad told me to do so –he is a pharmacist– and It was a sure way to make money like him. I failed once; twice. It sent me into a tailspin. Between odd jobs, money came slow, over years I bought a Wacom tablet, a laptop, a camera and lenses –the dropout is when you buy all the things unrelated to your tuition fees–.

To accelerate my fall I discovered World Of Warcraft, an online game with a beautiful world to dive in, where you are leveling a digital avatar. It was like a drug. Sometimes I went to college –with the money my then girlfriend gave me – sometimes I didn’t. I was lost. In my distraction I started buying all sort of books that I devoured in the university’s library when I was supposed to attend to exams. Books on how to start a company, master creative software,  there was also a paperback  about Java. It looked like a big blue  cinderblock. I remember sending an email to the author asking: ”Your book is so complicated, are you sure it’s for beginners?” I was chocked. “I don’t understand, I wrote it in a way everybody could get,” he said. From this day, I knew that coding wasn’t for me. I found drawing, music, design and photography more compelling.

To succeed you need to lose yourself, and then find yourself while doing tons of non-sense.

We need to reboot the entire education system. Build costumed career paths for our children and not be ashamed/afraid of their choices. In a perfect world a father might say: “Alright son! You want to be a plumber because you’ve spent too much time playing Mario Bros? Okay do it”. Plumbers, these folks are making a living  after all, and a  good one. At the end of the day, a college degree is just a $107,600 piece of paper as Emily Bowen cleverly put it in her article.

During an interview, Xavier Niel said that there’s no degree delivered after the 3 years program “We can’t promise them a degree but we’ll give them the tools they need to be better off in a promising industry.” Companies like Google or the Nasa have visited 42 , and are already making selections. Xavier knows what he’s doing, he has justbuilt himself a reservoir of talented programmers, and they love him. You can tell by the amount of cheers and claps he gets every time he enters the room.

9-8-2014 11-56-52 AM

I’m not disparaging education. It’s necessary. What’s more necessary though, is to find what you love. It’s also our duty to send the elevator back down, because we were all also lost once. Knowing the solution, pass it on to others and watch how they elevate themselves to new heights is priceless.

What is your true call? How did you find it? How did it inspire others?

How To Sell More Without Selling Nowadays

Imagine yourself being a guitar player. Your band is rehearsing as usual, but someone’s missing: a saxophonist.
The public comes to hear you play every night, and is still wondering “What’s wrong with you guys, can’t you feel that we need some “cool & funky” sax up in here?!” Yet, It’s been months since there’s a sheet of paper on your front door saying: “Desperately looking for a good saxophonist!”. Unfortunately, all the candidates didn’t make it.

Why? Why with all the talents we have, people won’t recognize us, trust us and hire us?
The answer is simple: you’ve failed to cater to the drummer!!

This guy is the “key”, the leader of the band. He gives you the tempo, telling you when the music will start and end, when the bridge is coming, and when you need to “break it down”. You will never sell to the drummer anything without having known him first; what he likes, what keeps him going. And soon as you realize it, the gig is up! “Thanks but no thanks we are all set!” Haven’t you heard it so many times, over and over again?

People don’t care if you are the greatest player in town. There are millions like you who want the same thing! What makes you special? What makes you care? What are you fighting for/against? And most importantly- Are you willing to learn others’ business and are you genuinely interested in their motivations/goals?

I just know two things that will help you sell more:
-Stop being selfish and start giving.
-It will take time.

Oh, you can watch Sammy Davis Jr. cuts loose on drums here!