How To Sell More Without Selling Nowadays

Imagine yourself being a guitar player. Your band is rehearsing as usual, but someone’s missing: a saxophonist.
The public comes to hear you play every night, and is still wondering “What’s wrong with you guys, can’t you feel that we need some “cool & funky” sax up in here?!” Yet, It’s been months since there’s a sheet of paper on your front door saying: “Desperately looking for a good saxophonist!”. Unfortunately, all the candidates didn’t make it.

Why? Why with all the talents we have, people won’t recognize us, trust us and hire us?
The answer is simple: you’ve failed to cater to the drummer!!

This guy is the “key”, the leader of the band. He gives you the tempo, telling you when the music will start and end, when the bridge is coming, and when you need to “break it down”. You will never sell to the drummer anything without having known him first; what he likes, what keeps him going. And soon as you realize it, the gig is up! “Thanks but no thanks we are all set!” Haven’t you heard it so many times, over and over again?

People don’t care if you are the greatest player in town. There are millions like you who want the same thing! What makes you special? What makes you care? What are you fighting for/against? And most importantly- Are you willing to learn others’ business and are you genuinely interested in their motivations/goals?

I just know two things that will help you sell more:
-Stop being selfish and start giving.
-It will take time.

Oh, you can watch Sammy Davis Jr. cuts loose on drums here!


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