Artists Why Are You So Expensive?

“You are too expensive! I can’t afford your services! If I advertise your business will I get a discount?” All around the World, same song; same old objections we –artists- are getting every day.

My answer: “How are you going to advertise an advertiser? It is part of our daily job to prospect, sell, promote ourselves and your business. Why would we need you, dear client, to do so?”

I’m baffled. Clients are calling you because they need your expertise. When a meeting is set up and you go to their place of business, I have one advice to give to you: keep your eyes and your ears open.
What type of cars do you see in the parking lot? How many employees in the office? How many computers, the furniture?

Did you came all this way -to nice venues- to sell yourself short? You have bills to pay, a family, your computer is getting old, you need a car, your Adobe subscription is running and you are daydreaming on the latest Wacom Cintiq 24HD. Yes, you have also needs. Remember, you are THE expert, and they need you to solve their problems.

If you are intimidated by these objections, your clients will see that, and exploit your weakness. Sad to also bring the bad news to you: you will never succeed in your industry.

The client’s job is to buy quality at cheap prices. Your job is to provide quality at right –and exponential- prices.
If they say you are too expensive, why feeling guilty? It’s a good sign! You should start worrying if a client sign your check right away without objecting, then you know you’ve failed!

I’d like to recommend a great read to you The Little Red Book Of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer, one of my heroes, it helps me gaining confidence and persuasion in front of nightmarish clients.

Image credits: weon


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