The Importance Of Planning

I’m not an architect, but I can draw. They say architects are not artists, but of all the architects I talked to, there’s not a single one who does not love photography. All great architectural books are full of amazing pictures. There are also topics about planning, sketches, and illustration in architecture. Because your love of photography, drawing or music, doesn’t make you an artist, it helps you build your own taste and vision. Most importantly you’ll get curious enough to quickly learn the process of creation -through YouTube videos for example-.

With all these sources of inspiration, why we always fall into the trap of not planning well our projects?

Case study: I designed this plan in Revit Architecture for a client’s construction project. (It’s actually the 1st floor.)

Months later, the client has changed all the design and feel I wanted to convey. Rooms have been reduced and he built other walls. Once the building was finished, another changes were made: destroying walls, extending some rooms, taking windows down…All these came at a huge cost! I felt sorry for him and for me, because it was my responsibility -and the architect in charge- to make this project successful. Wait…there was actually no architect in charge! The client did it all by himself.

I learned the importance of planning,  carefully follow up a project, and surround myself with professionals. It’s not okay to leave a client battling with his own choices, you need to be there after giving the project’s blueprint to him; explain why did you take some directions instead of others? Why you think they are the best solutions? Work them out with your team.  This is what I do in my other domain fields. You are the expert. Persuade your client that he’ll be better off after having listened to your advice.

Hence the most important question: “How do you persuade a know-it-all client?”


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