I Don’t Believe In Free…Unless…

Yesterday U2 gave an interview on french cable channel: Canal+. I couldn’t help but think about the iPhone 6 launch a month ago, and my surprise when I found their album appears in my aging iPhone few days later. I didn’t listen to it. My first reaction was like “how to delete this?”

I guess I’m like the 500 minus 33 million people who didn’t give a fly. The problem of U2 is that they are popular, you know that they exist; but you can’t remember their songs clearly. They are stuck between generations. Young people don’t care about U2, they are more into Coldplay and Imagine Dragons or Echosmith. I don’t know why Apple wanted to push that “free” album pill down our throat, but it certainly WASN’T our desire.

My mum zapped when she watched Bono sing acapella on the show “he’s singing off key, I don’t know him he’s boring” she said. That was it. No Bono tonight.

Next time we want to give something free to our audience let’s make sure that they need it and may care for it in the first place.

What about a Coldplay free album? There you go!


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