Talking About Ferguson


Another young black man died in the streets, it was in August this year. Another white man cop pulled the trigger, and the saying will go like this: ‘they’ shot him down. The jury’s verdict states that the white man is innocent, Twitter is already going crazy about #Ferguson. Is it racism? Hell yeah! Must we burn another shop or restaurant in those streets to show our disapproval? Hell…yeah?!

Natural reactions. We are all humans. what about the shop or restaurant owners out there trying to make a living and who’ll get another incentive to shoot any intruders tonight found at their place of business? Will it result to another racial problem too?

We are facing injustice every single day, and most of the times we add a great amount of wrong reactions on top of it. It’s easy to complicate. Confusion, stress, anger, revenge: put them in a bottle, light it up and throw it at the cops. Something similar has happened before, we witnessed it and could not do anything about it except bringing up violence. The same riots in LA in the 90’s, after a man got beat by the cops. Remember? It was crazy. Now it’s there again in front of us and we are in state of shock, baffled…again! We fail to ask the 3 letters word: why?

‘Why’ people react the way they do? How to make them change their minds? ‘Why’ young black men are found in the streets dealing with insane problems using primary solutions, giving white people so many reasons to chase them and track them down? – Don’t make me wrong, I’m not generalizing- everybody got issues.

Running into troubles is not a matter of skin color, religion, origins, sexual orientation or beliefs. Thinking and acting differently is the cause of ALL our troubles, because we refuse to settle down or being told what to do or not. That’s the way we are, and that’s good! But there are ways to not losing ourselves while showing our differences.

I think that we all have to learn from Ferguson’s drama; sometimes we are in the same room, saying the same things but yelling at each other so loud we can’t understand what’s really being said. Let’s stop and check if our reactions to others reactions are appropriate. Our clients, our prospects, our families and friends, are we putting ourselves in their shoes enough?

Look at them, observe, take a deep breath, release the tension, close your eyes, hear your heart beating, stop thinking and ask yourself: WHY?
This is the very principle of marketing.

Changing people is changing you first. Oh Lord….It’s really hard!


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