I Am Just Looking Around

Something crazy happened. I think I’ve been the victim of the greatest salesman in the world.

You know this when, few days later, your mind and body are still wondering how it happened.

I was zoning in the aisles of this huge African business tradeshow (one of the biggest in Central African region) called Promote, looking at the booths design with no real purpose. -Promote is taking place in Cameroon.- Then, out of the blue, a sales rep showed up and said “Hey mister, I see you looking at us, why won’t you come closer?”. In a defensive -and automatic-mechanisms I said that “I was just looking arouuuunnn…”

He didn’t let me finish the phrase….! He was already on me, shaking my hand and saying “Well nothing keeps you from taking a closer look!” with a warm voice AND a smile AND without letting my hand go, he diligently led me to the booth. This chain of actions took less than 4 seconds! I was in control! We talked 10 minutes and I ended up with all his brochures and business card.

We are the worst prospects ever. Yes, you guys and I. 90% of the time when I get a sales rep hands me something-brochures, catalogue leaflet etc.- a voice in my head is screaming “uh oh..shark week!” and I go: “sorry I don’t have time” or “I’ll come back! I’m in a hurry!” and they leave me alone. You know the game right?

I was wrong…it failed this time.

The next time you are in the selling position and you have somebody giving you these classic objections, don’t be discouraged; use that physical, mental and insanely efficient trick. It works!


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