5 Ways Leading to The Zen Art of Blogging


Writing is hard. First you start a blog then, like a seed, you water it. Did I say "seed"? My bad! 
I should have described it as a "Gremlin" that turns into a monster soon as there's water involved.
More seriously, writing is an habit. A rhythm, a bit like jogging: the day you stop ... 
you're in trouble. Get back at it again is painful, you feel rusty. So you have to write drafts every day,   
at regular times. But facing a busy schedule, the temptation to take shortcuts is strong. 
It's a double-edged sword. Jasmine Star, a photographer specialized in wedding events learned 
it the hard way. 

Star's work got noticed and started to be everywhere. She maximized her exposure with blog 
posts, interview, podcasts, social network posts, tutorials, etc. Success knocked at the door and, 
although gladly welcomed, Jasmine got swamped up with a LOT of work. The catch? The pressure. 
To keep up with all of it she had to steal two photos and include them in her blog. 
A scandal came along. 

Here are right habits that come in handy when blogging: 

Make it short ( sometimes)
Before, I was writing articles so long they could make my readers give up reading. When people 
stumble upon an article, guess  what they do? They scroll down to the end of it. It's a reflex. 
Remember: short material can be digested faster.

No images? No big deal
Seth Godin is a source of inspiration to me because his posts are so simple. He got an incredible 
audience, put few -to none- images in his  articles, and it works! Find your sweet spot. 
I'm really tired of these pictures of red 3D dummies carrying a briefcase in every corporate 
articles I read on the net. Better putting no images than awful ones.

Use the right tool for the craft
Microsoft Word is taking a lifetime to start up, I'd recommend Evernote. The later is uglier but
it's a very effective tool to throw down ideas quickly. I was also used to Windows Live Writer 
but I found it bugging and unstable. Again, it's a matter of personal taste here.

Cite your sources
Protect yourself from unpleasant surprises, it does not hurt to mention the author of the picture
you'll be using in a post. Everyone copies everyone, but we have to be smart when we do so.

Take a break
The pressure can take a toll on you. As you write you'll be 
thinking about your latest unedited photo, a video to shoot, this follow 
up email to send. Stop! Take some time away from your blog when 
you are feeling not OK to write. Set smart writing goals: one 
can't blog everyday! Follow your own pace.

Well, I hope you'll find this blog post inspiring to take your blogging skills to the next level.
Please do share your tips to prevent overworking issues that may arise when blogging.

3 thoughts on “5 Ways Leading to The Zen Art of Blogging

  1. Thank you for sharing tips Lionel. I would totally agree to the part of writing short articles that have a strong message. Keep up the good work!

  2. Well done, I think you highlighted an important matter, which is the importance of being regular when times come to blogging. I experienced several breaks in my “blogging career” , and now that I read you, I realize that writing shorter texts would have maybe prevent me to do so.
    Very inspiring, I will recommend it.

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