Hillary Clinton’s Logo : What The Fuss?

Here we go, a celebrity -politicians are kind of celebrities right?- dropped a new logo design identity and Twitter went crazy about it. Have you heard about Andy Murray’s new logo?

I still remember the “Yes We Can” era and the urging need for a change, back in the days. While the change hasn’t come yet, I was pretty happy with the Obama’s logo and enjoyed the ride.

Compared to Hillary’s one -middle- there’s a difference

The common ground they share though is simplicity.

If simple logos are the most successful, why all this hate in the websites’s comments section?

Let’s talk more about design, not politics.

The combination of red and blue. Of course, they are the colors of the American flag. In this context, Red attracts attention, while the blue means trust, power and loyalty.

The first letter of a name is always a thing we’ll remember: “O”bama, “H”illary, “H”ilton “E”nron-oops..forget about this one-. It’s so important that it can help your business stand out in interminable trade shows lists. Sometimes, the letter’s design meaning can be subtle: for example, the “H”, associated with red, could refer to the medical field. Does that mean that she will tackle the health care system issue better than her predecessor?

Hillary’s message is clear: “ We will move forward ==>>, ACTION is what i’m promising you, trust me! And I use an arrow to emphasise it. I need your support right now.”

Times Change
Design has evolved to something simpler. So gone the use of gradients, perspective and textures. Skeuomorphism rules today, and companies have embraced it. Politicians too.

I think that Hillary’s logo works better with the white letters in the arrow. It gives better sense of movement. It accomplishes her goals. Her state of mind. It’s not a nice and fancy logo, maybe because she’s not all that nice and fancy herself, she wants to get the job done. She’s different. Afterall, unlike Obama -who used a supersized rockstar bus-, she’s touring the US…in a van.

In Conclusion
Remember that the brief and brainstorming are translating YOUR vision: YOU can’t please everybody. In this field, emotions are what we are paying for. They will make you pick up the phone and call your designer saying  “you’ve nailed it, this is so ME!”. That’s what you hired him/her for.

Haters are going to hate, no matter what you do, no matter what you say.

When you fall in love with your identity, from this point on, those who don’t like it can go to hell, am I right Frank?

credits to Netflix / RUBEN V. NEPALES
Frank Underwood / House of Cards




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