The Secret Formula to Make $7.4 Million a Year

People ask themselve this question sometimes: was all my lifework a big joke?
Let me explain, you’ve been told to go to school and earn degrees, get a job and -the hardest part- earning money. You’re rent is overdue and you are still repaying your studies debt.
After a long day at the office, you head back home, throw your keys somewhere in the room, open your laptop and go to Youtube before hitting your game console later. You’d surf on PewDiePie’s channel and this guy will make you feel dumb. He got billions of views, millions of subscribers. Youtube is his realm and you’ve just been ran over by his marketing machinery.

You’ll hate this guy who do nothing more than screaming and playing video games all day, and you’re right! Life is unfair! But don’t you want to walk in his shoes for a year? Earning 7.4 million dollars? I bet you do.
The secret of this success resides in few steps: he smiles all the time, he never thought about doing this for money and, as a consequence, is pleasantly surprised by his own success; he loves his ‘job’; he’s creative, he don’t care if you hate him; he knows he got an audience that will care about what he says; he’s using the language used by his audience: the video game players; he’s telling stories about what he knows best; he’s patient and persistant; he post videos regularly; he’s just himself, hate him or love him.

Pew is swimming in a billion dollars industry and, although he has just scratched the surface, is getting heavily paid for doing what he loves the most: playing video games. What about you?

Work smarter. Success is in the journey.


One thought on “The Secret Formula to Make $7.4 Million a Year

  1. Yeah Lionel you’ve actaully hit the nail on the head! I’ve got my boy who’s so in love with this guy, it really amazing with great things we can achieve if only we can keep the right mindset, doning just what we do best with all our potential!

    Thx for the inspiring post!

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