Samsung Galaxy S7 VS iPhone 6S: Buy Both? Non Sense

photo credit: TechRadar

Ian Morris from Forbes wrote an interesting article about the Samsung and iPhone rivalry;
Article in which my comment goes like this:

“I’m sorry to disagree: we can’t tell users to buy both. Especially when the Galaxy S7 got a jaw dropping display, a better processor making it incredibly fast, way better battery, better camera and storage… In my opinion, we all have to wait what Apple got in its sleeves for the iPhone 7 at the next event. For now, Samsung is ahead. I love Apple, no mistake, but they need to catch up.”

I should have added: “You can even get a dual-sim version of the Galaxy S7 on the internet, and the Galaxy Note 6 will be released this summer and promise to be beyond extraodinary”, so why bother buying both?

When we love a product and got disappointed by its -very- little features implementation over the last 3-4 years, we want improvements, right? The #WWDC2016 has to be good, it has to bring SIGNIFICANT product updates -I mean all the products- otherwise it’s gonna be another difficult year for Apple already dealing with a fierce competition:

-Razer Stealth + Razer Core combination is perfect for gamers but also professionals.
-The latest Asus Transformer 3 Pro tablet boasting the 7th generation Intel chip and better specs than the iPad Pro.
-You can build an incredible -and up-gradable- Windows  workstation that will outshine the Mac Pro and will not cost you an arm and leg.
-Google is about to merge Chrome and Android.

People may say that a company’s treasury is a measure of its success. I’d say that money and success can also make you lazy.

What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below!



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