Chasing Cars

I remember when I first started 11 years ago, reading magazines and books, dreaming of a huge scintillating Wacom tablet and Steve Jobs’ Mac. No money so I started working jobs (no pun intended) and when I got it, I bought a little tablet and… a PC. Isn’t it ironic? I did upgrade 6 years later but I still have my old stuff. I just wanted to draw and tell stories, I still do. Still learning every day.

The point of all this is: tools are just tools. Remember the famous quote from the Joker “I’m a dog chasing cars, I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it!” We are all chasing tools today hoping they will change us. Make marvels with what you have.

In my case, ideas are born on paper and brought to fruition by technology, not the other way around.



Samsung Galaxy S7 VS iPhone 6S: Buy Both? Non Sense

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Ian Morris from Forbes wrote an interesting article about the Samsung and iPhone rivalry;
Article in which my comment goes like this:

“I’m sorry to disagree: we can’t tell users to buy both. Especially when the Galaxy S7 got a jaw dropping display, a better processor making it incredibly fast, way better battery, better camera and storage… In my opinion, we all have to wait what Apple got in its sleeves for the iPhone 7 at the next event. For now, Samsung is ahead. I love Apple, no mistake, but they need to catch up.”

I should have added: “You can even get a dual-sim version of the Galaxy S7 on the internet, and the Galaxy Note 6 will be released this summer and promise to be beyond extraodinary”, so why bother buying both?

When we love a product and got disappointed by its -very- little features implementation over the last 3-4 years, we want improvements, right? The #WWDC2016 has to be good, it has to bring SIGNIFICANT product updates -I mean all the products- otherwise it’s gonna be another difficult year for Apple already dealing with a fierce competition:

-Razer Stealth + Razer Core combination is perfect for gamers but also professionals.
-The latest Asus Transformer 3 Pro tablet boasting the 7th generation Intel chip and better specs than the iPad Pro.
-You can build an incredible -and up-gradable- Windows  workstation that will outshine the Mac Pro and will not cost you an arm and leg.
-Google is about to merge Chrome and Android.

People may say that a company’s treasury is a measure of its success. I’d say that money and success can also make you lazy.

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When Did Apple Become Boring? (Or) More Reasons Why I’ll (NOT) Buy The iPhone 4 SE

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We want expandable storage

Storage is not as expensive as it used to be. So why charging the premium for the experience Apple? A product’s price shouldn’t increase just because of the storage it boasts, this type of marketing is so yesterday.

We want better batteries
I think I got two powerbanks preventing my phone to go off, some have more. This is a cons of the new Galaxy S7, if Samsung brought swappable batteries back it would have nailed it.

We want waterproof
It rains in tropical countries…a lot! We are walking on rough terrains…a lot!
So yeah, please, make the phone’s glass stronger and bring us real waterproof. Nobody wants to put their phones aside and wait to buy a plane ticket to repair their phones to your ‘far away’ store.

The future of computing?
To whom? There’s no USB ports on the iPad, you can’t plug external hard drive. As a professional, you can’t even get the full software experience, like on Windows 10. It’s even harder to make it part of your workflow because you are always struggling on how you’d be sharing the stuff you’ve created without relying on an inexistent fast internet connection.

In conclusion, users don’t want to change their gadgets every year. The ‘there’s-an-app-for-everything’ thrill is gone. People want now to make stuff. They want stable and lasting solutions for their needs. Unlike Samsung, Apple has shown that listening to its customers’ wants is really not part of their strategy. It wasn’t all dark, interesting battles were addressed at this event like revolutionising health care or fixing the environment issues. But stagnant design, aging product lines –Macs, my finger is pointing at you– can’t cut it anymore. Assuming that the emerging countries will be your next milk cow by serving them better specs in micro waved products will only drive you to the gutter. May be it’s time for a profound change of the iOS system.

I’ll not upgrade to the new iPad Pro because I think that Microsoft’s Surface Pro line brings more things to the table in terms of productivity and desktop replacement, I wish the new Galaxy TabPro S got more powerful specs. On the smartphone side, I’ll also wait for the new Galaxy Note 6, hoping it will keep the same interesting features that Samsung –finally– delivered to the Galaxy S7.

Your share! What will be your next mobile device purchase and how this Apple’s event make you feel?  Let me know in the comment section below.

Technology & The Terrible Learning Curve

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I’m in the market for a new phone. I know… I swore I’d never buy an iPhone 6 plus… but today I want to talk about an industry that floods us with apps. Android has invaded Africa like crazy because it’s open, user friendly, easy to customize, and it’s an OS that runs on most dual-sim phones. What about iOS? Too complicated, it’s made for rich people, you can’t share your songs with your friends and you can’t use it as an usb key, without bumping into iTunes. I get this feedback a lot. On the other side, let’s check the numbers.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.44.36 AM

Android is an 800 pound gorilla, boasting about 78% of market share, with Google as a major sponsor.
I opened Youtube the other day and there was this ad showing a girl laughing, the wind blowing in her hair and outfit; her friend – shooting the video- asked “Ok Google what’s the wind speed in San Francisco right now?” the response was immediate. It made me smile but also saddened me: how many people know that they can throw any kind of questions at their smartphone in a snap? When I show the weather app results around me all I get is ‘Oh! this is for ‘white people’!’.

The other day, I entered the telecommunication shop, and I wanted to subscribe to a new internet deal. They had me signing a contract but the printer ran out of paper, my iPad was running -lucky me-. I scanned the contract, sent it to an app called SignEasy, wrote my signature down, inserted it to the document and sent it back to the clerk via e-mail. Amazing. Unfortunately, I know they will not start integrating it to their workflow. It’s a shame that the only format we trust in business is the almighty paper. Another story, my uncle wants to check his heart rate, but the machine he uses regularly don’t work, it’s round midnight…no batteries. Does he know that there’s an app waiting on the Google Play store to be downloaded? He could just place his finger on his smartphone’s camera sensor and get a pretty accurate result.

I think people who are well versed in tech, have the responsibility to share their knowledge with others.Teach them. Share the apps they love and spread the word around. There’s a new generation of people who just want to take selfies, text, chat, and surf the internet. That’s dangerous. Africa’s the latest to jump in the tech bandwagon, without even knowing how it’s actually working, and the ticket is so expensive. Raising awareness in schools, seminars, talk and tv shows could be a solution. Tech has changed our lives and the way we learn. It must be accessible to everyone. As there’s no change without resistance, people should start asking “Ok, this is a great device, but what it can do for me?” instead of “This device is so beautiful, is there a gold version I could buy to just show off?”.

How creative are you when it’s about using your smartphone? Which apps you use the most? Let us know in the comment section below


11 Reasons Why The Ipad Air 2 Will Be Your Next Tablet

“Apple’s latest keynote was disappointing”, “Steve Jobs is really long gone”, “Tablets sales numbers have tanked”, “Apple’s stock has plummeted”…why all the fuss? I’ve already written about the iPhone 6 and the reason why I wouldn’t go for it. But the iPad Air 2 is really full of promises. I came to this conclusion after thorough researches online, the only tablet that could have distracted me from it is the Surface Pro 3.

Skinny rhymes with portability
How tin it really is? 6,1 mm… it makes me lose my mind. As a creative, I spent 20% of my time pushing pixels in my laptop. The other 80% are happening out there, on the field, where I’m meeting with clients, dealing with objections, educating them on my craft and selling. Imagine yourself carrying your laptop, charger, sketchbook and accessories all day; back and forth. I didn’t even mention the projector and its cables  you’ve put in a separate bag. I’m definitely seeking for more portability.

Amazing screen resolution
2048-by-1536-pixel resolution at 264 ppi, the screen looks gorgeous. Retouched photos, drawings and even your videos project will ease sales pitches. Seeing is believing.

Outstanding performances
Incredibly fast, 64-bit, A8X Application Processor and 2GB of RAM. According to Daniel Eran it “smokes Android tablets”. That makes the gaming experience on a tablet a real breeze. Check the bench below:
I own an iPhone 4s since 3 years now, and it just works. My PC laptop is like 4 years old and is slow like hell. I’ve cleaned everything I could, increased the Ram, it’s still clunky and bugging. I know the battery will cost me an arm to replace. With the awful experience I get in windows environment right now, how could I expect to take on the Surface Pro 3’s journey? At least I’m sure of one thing, my iPad Air 2 will last longer.

The extra 100$ for the 128 GB version is a clever investment. Remember, you are in for a long run so why not go big? Notice that the space can go up to 1Tb with a Dropbox subscription. Coupled with external drives, iCloud, you’ll get enough room to play. A tablet is not made to store all your data anyway. Once you are home, plug your iPad to your laptop and transfer them data in your hard drives. Some may complain about Apple’s restrictions when it’s about sharing, but software like iMazing are simplifying things a lot. No need for opening iTunes constantly.


Battery life

Up to 10 hours, that’s plenty enough to take it away with me in the train or in the airplane. Enough to watch a movie, or play games. Plus we are all carrying power banks which can charge our devices up to two -even more- battery cycles. Wall huger no more.

Plenty of quality apps! 
Once upon a time, I owned a Nexus tablet. Let me tell you this Android’s apps are ugly. That’s true! Most of the apps are free there but they look terrible. Publishers are catering to the iPad too: Communication Arts for example, is not available on Android, nor GoodReader (pdf reader) and Procreate (drawing app). Trust me, when you buy a tablet and you are not seeing your favorite app in the store, you’ll put it down and get away from it with frustration. Sad experience like this makes it hard to forgive a manufacturer.

Business tool
I’ve mentioned my projector lately. PowerPoint & Keynote are tools that will move your audience in a big way.
For around 9$/month you’ll get the Microsoft Office 365 experience, and it comes with 5 licenses for you to share, including tablets. The keyboard will NOT cost you -like the Surface Pro 3- 124$ more, I got mine for 19,99 $. Oh! don’t forget a Lightning digital AV adapter if you want to use your projector’s HDMI port. Good news: Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote are now free* (* for qualifying iOS 8 compatible devices with initial activation on or after September 1, 2013)
10-23-2014 12-34-11 PM

Creative tool

Adobe’s apps are living up the iPad expectations, –although Microsoft is putting its feet into the game as well– they are exclusive to iOS. Android hasn’t catch up yet; when I type “Adobe” in Google Play’s search panel, the results are saddening. I really hope Adobe will work this out, I’d like to shoot photos on an Android phone (in general they have better cameras) and see them appear in my desktop via Creative Cloud. Yes iPad’s 8 MP camera is also great, but my Canon Powershot can do the job quietly at a wedding ceremony. Lightroom for iPad is available too! So you can shoot, make quick photo adjustments, and find them all synced on your machine at home. Digital illustrator Kyle Lambert did this amazing Morgan Freeman’s portrait with just his fingers, on Procreate!


Music on the go!

Any musicians in the room with Garageband installed in their tablet? Please, stand now! Apple has instilled music in its products. They’ve nailed it. Download Ik Multimedia virtual amps, plug your guitar into the iPad, and rock away. Want a concert piano sound? iGrand Piano will offer multiple sound choices to you. With Audiobus , you can even add other inputs, Fx and outputs apps without leaving Garageband. Transform the iPad into a drum pad with iMaschine to create your own beats. Feel the great mobile digital audio workstation experience with Beatmakers 2 or Fruity Loops and upload your creations to your Soundcloud profile.

Open door for app development
Creatives and business people will love the iPad, but nothing keeps you from learning code and design your own apps. Apple felt that app coding was tedious and reserved to the elite developers out there. Now, they are bringing it to the masses with their new language Swift. So now you can learn at your own pace and be the next “Flappy Bird” creator, earn your money from the iTunes store in the process.  

I’m planning to ditch my aging PC laptop, while waiting for my new iPad. Purchase decisions are getting harder with tech competition getting higher, It’s essential to know what to expect from a device, think out of the box and getting more creative. It took me weeks to chose between two tablets.
People are complaining because they didn’t exhaust the huge amount of possibilities a tablet can do for them. Yet some don’t even know how to sign a pdf in it. They just want to watch videos & shows, take photos, and read magazines or articles. Hence, they get bored quickly. There’s so much more left to do! I think that laptop’s extinction is not around yet. For people like me, who just bought a Macbook Pro, it makes all sense. We don’t want devices that make us forget our laptop or desktop, put them in the corner -nobody puts a Macbook Pro in the corner-. The tablets are made for doing tasks on the go: light photo adjustments, quick sketches and notes. And internet now allows you to get an access to your data anywhere. The only thing I regret on the iPad right now -and iOS 8.1 in general- is a real multitasking experience. Maybe -and I hope that- folks at Cupertino are working on it.

5 Reasons (NOT) To Buy An Iphone 6 Even Plus

For 50 dollars or less, Africans with average income can buy an Android smartphone. According to a recent study by the British data analysis and telecom agency INFORMA , figures show that 334 million Africans will own a smartphone by 2017, it’s about 30 % of the continent’s population; statistics that make you lose your mind. Let’s compare the iPhone 6 to a real contender the LG G3.

The battery
Autonomy was the major weakness of the iPhone. Battery problems were so frequent that Samsung made fun of iPhone owners, seeing them as “wall huggers”. This issue has been resolved, the talk time is about 14 hours; you can get up to 19 hours with the LG G3.

The Storage
The iPhone 6 comes in 3 different versions: 32, 64 and 128 GB; meanwhile one can expand the LG3’s capacity up to 128 GB with a microSD card, in addition to the 16 or 32 GB already available in the device.

The screen
iPhone 6’s resolution is 1,920 x 1,080, you will have a density of 401 ppi. However, no screen sapphire made yet (one of the strongest materials in the world), which can truly avoid breakage due to falls; the aluminum design is not helping things and making the device very slippery. A protective case is definitely required. The LG G3 has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels with a density of 538 ppi, one of the best screens you’ve ever seen. The “Gorilla Glass” makes it a little tougher. The screen size (5.5 inches) is the same on both.

The camera
With 8 mega pixels rear camera and 1.2 megapixel on the front, the iPhone pales compared to the LG’s 13 -megapixel and 1.2 megapixel which can shoot 4k videos. Yes, the iPhone has the image stabilization technology embedded which is also a plus.

The price
The iPhone 6 ‘plus’ without contract is expensive … very expensive: the 16GB version costs 520,000 XAF ($1005), 587,000 XAF ($1134) for 64GB, 663,000 XAF ($1281) for 128GB. As for the LG G3, you’ll invest 335,000 XAF ($647) for 16GB version, and 369,000 XAF ($713) for 32GB.

Why Android’s presence is so strong in Africa: it’s simple. no need for iTunes to transfer data and photos, it’s working like a PC. The number of free apps on Android is huge, and its smartphones are cheaper than iPhones. The LG G3 is undoubtedly the best smartphone of the moment. The banging for the buck it gives is amazing compared to the iPhone 6 which is a closed gadget (you can use imazing to take this pain away). The iPhone screen resolution is good, but the LG G3’s will leave you speechless. I’m an artist, I depend on my iPhone because the best drawing, design, and music producing apps are on iOS. Wait a minute…I rely on the apps existing on a certain OS, NOT a smartphone right? How many people use their smartphone to get the job done anyway? So I can ditch my iPhone -with its lame battery- and choose an iPad instead, which is exactly what I’ll do. In my opinion, Apple’s biggest asset is its app quality and exclusiveness. The question is: “For how long?”