What It takes To Shoot Street Photography?

A composition is the soul of great photography. It’s the same rule for paintings.

I have to confess: drawing daily is exhausting and sometimes my eyes just need a simple walk outside. Out of my comfort zone.
I’m a shy photographer. For God’s sake, I’m not a photographer at all! I’d rather shoot landscape or butterflies playing in the grass. This is why street photography is always a tedious exercise.

This is my problem: In the streets, as hard as you try, you never go unnoticed.

But isn’t fear just an illusion? When you find your real purpose. That puts you there at this very moment. You let go of your barriers and are only driven by the love of imagery and the story you want to tell. Ask yourself: why I definitely know that I will love that photo?

I like this shot. Because it’s just Africa. The market and its strong, vibrant colors; the noisy, warm, busy streets.

For the record, I had to wait until the salad vendor walked down the street, she involuntarily balanced the shot by filling one of the six frames formed by the bare shop’s posts. Giving me a blank stare in the process.

I felt guilty.

What’d happen if she looked the other way? Like the guy in the red cap. I’d have felt better but the pic would be different.

At the end, it’s a cool composition, a photo that I’d like to paint one day because I’m sure of one thing: hot, vibrant colors are killing me every time, and I know that Africa is so colorful.


The Best Gear You Can Have Is…

Your wishlist has grown bigger and you have even found in it items from last year that you’ve never purchased. Now you find yourself wandering through websites like B&Hphotovideo.com , DpReview.com, or any online photography store ,wondering: “what’s the best gear I can get ?”.

It happened to me more than once, artists are always looking for perfection; they also think that the best tools will inevitably make their photos / films / music better.
Filmmakers amaze me, they are running through stunts and explosions with huge cameras on their shoulders. Yet, when you strip their cameras down to the minimum you are left with a tiny body. I have a Canon Rebel Xsi with 3 lenses and a Canon Powershot S95. These models are old, I got mine in 2011, now my mind is yelling at me every time I touch it: “It’s old! Can’t you see that it’s old?!”

Something amazing happened, as I scrolled through my image database, I fell in love again with my “old” cameras.

Canon Rebel Xsi
Canon PowershotS95

Iphone 4S


With the new bestsellers-mirorless-4K cameras out there, I’m also tempted to jump Canon’s ship and go to Sony or Panasonic, but would it be wise? I feel that if I have all the best gear at once:

  • I’ll get lazy
  • I will not know how to take the best of it
  • It will get dusty on my shelf or in a box somewhere
  • I’ll lose track of my progress
  • Why did I buy Canon lenses to go to Sony few years later?

The best answer to “What’s the best gear?”: limitation, your eyes and emotions. When you are limited you make mistakes and learn slowly; you also start being incredibly creative.

After all, did Ansel Adams need a mirrorless 4K camera to make you lose your mind? Think about it.