Nadal vs Wawrinka 

Do you remember that day when Nadal gave Wawrinka so much troubles and headaches that he went nuts and literally eat the ball? Even his fierce backhand – that I love so much – couldn’t shake the Spanish. 

I remember the watch and the ball. That meant that it was time for real frustration for the poor Stan. 

He is a schemer. Blessed with a vision of the game that makes his opponents tremble. I don’t even talk about his fierce backhand that flirts with lines all the time. Usually he dishes headaches but don’t take them.

But that day he was really helpless. What to do against Nadal who got the strength, endurance and power running back and forth together from his legs to his left arm?

I had to make the strokes visible and the white lines for the sweat, they can be also interpreted as desperate tears. 

I really like the watch and it’s colors that fit the shirt very well. 

More drama with some dirt on the hand, light brown like the sand of Roland Garros really closed to dark red.

A colorful and warm crowd behind him, the crazyness of the game and the energy between the player and the public.

Left handed people will always give you troubles. 

– Roland Garros finals 2017

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